As one edges closer to retirement, they will definitely find themselves needing help with Medicare and all the options to cover their medical expenses. 

As of now, one goes on Medicare the first day of the month that they turn 65.  Even if they plan to work for several years past 65, they will need help navigating the steps to claim their benefits and not experience penalties.

I encourage you to resist the temptation to call a random number being pushed on TV by a celebrity or sports legend.  They are paid to attract your attention and most likely don’t own the product they are promoting.

You will be on Medicare for life and want to get on the right plan when you have a Guarantee Issue period or are healthy enough to qualify for a plan.

Although we have access to multiple companies, our preferred provider is Physicians Mutual Insurance Company of Omaha, NE.  Why you may ask?  Physicians Mutual Insurance Company offers an Issue Age plan that doesn’t increase in price annually due to age.  Most companies sell based on price, this is called Attained Age, and they will go up as you age.  If for some reason your health declines, you will most likely be stuck in an annually increasing rate plan for the rest of your life.

Veterans that have Tri-Care for Life already have a plan in place for a Medicare Supplement.  However, you should contact us for a free guide that will help you understand your plan.

Medicare Doesn’t cover Assisted living or Nursing home;

Long Term Care coverage should be considered early in life while one is in their best health.  Many Life insurance plans have LTC or Critical Care riders that can be added to them to make this coverage more attractive and affordable.  Each person has a special need but we all want financial security for ourselves and those who depend on us.  Don’t risk your retirement savings on an unexpected condition.

Long Term Care insurance should be viewed as an extension of disability.  It is important to remember that 40% of the individuals needing Long Term Care services are of working age.  The best time to enroll in a Long Term Care insurance plan is between ages 50 and 65. 


Short Term Care coverage is another option that normally gives a person approximately 360 days of coverage and is more readily available to those who may have waited a little longer in life to apply. 


Products options available from “A” rated companies.