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We’re here to help you with your health coverage and financial planning, especially in tough situations like unexpected illness or disability. First, we’ll teach you about your options so you understand them better. Then, we’ll assist you in finding the best choices that fit your budget. We want to make sure you’re informed and confident in making decisions for your future, so you can feel secure even in uncertain times.



Life insurance is for more than funds or a Funeral. Life insurance ensures financial support for a family if the primary income is lost. Additionally, it offers a tax-free income stream to supplement retirement creatively.



The most important part of planning is to plan to pay for medical expenses. That allows you to continue to provide for your future. Many affordable options are available, you just need to ask what is right for me.



Supplemental insurance is designed to pay for the items health insurance doesn’t cover. Whether it’s a deductible, co-pay, or even the most common unexpected cost of an illness or accident like lost income or extra household help. Supplemental insurance helps fill the Gap.


How We Do It

Empowering Information:
We start by simplifying the complex. We break down your options in plain language, ensuring you’re armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions.


Budget-Friendly Solutions:
Once you’re in the know, we work together to find options that fit your budget seamlessly. We aim to provide coverage that protects you without stretching your finances thin.


Confidence in Choices:
Our mission is to leave you not just informed but confidently steering your financial ship. Picture sailing through life, knowing you’re securely covered.

Your Trusted Insurance Agency in Charleston, SC

Choose us as your trusted insurance agency in Charleston, SC. Our dedicated team ensures tailored solutions for health coverage, financial planning, and protection against unforeseen events. We understand the unique challenges in Charleston, SC, providing personalized insurance options for residents. Rely on our local expertise for coverage and peace of mind.

Secure your family’s future with our customizable life insurance plans. Get financial help for funeral expenses, debts, and a safety net in unexpected situations.

Prioritize your well-being with our health insurance plans. Access quality healthcare without hefty medical bills, covering routine check-ups to unexpected emergencies.

Face life’s unexpected challenges with our supplemental insurance. Fill gaps left by traditional coverage, protecting against out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles and co-payments.

At The King Agency, we simplify insurance complexities, offering clear solutions for your specific requirements. Empower yourself with knowledge and coverage for a secure and well-protected future. Partner with us for a secure and well-protected future.


"Mr. King had assisted both myself & my husband with the Medicare gap process. How I love tossing all that mail because I know I can turn to a professional who is honest & trustworthy. "


"I highly recommend The King Agency! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Harvey. He’s knowledgeable, friendly, and sharp."



"Harvey helped me find affordable health, life, and dental insurance. If I have ever had any questions or problems they have been right on top of things and handle them in a timely fashion. If you want someone that cares about you as a person and just a another policy that was written give The King Agency a call."

Lee Ann