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Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental Insurance is designed to pay for the items Health Insurance doesn’t cover. Whether it’s a deductible, co-pay or even the most common unexpected cost of an illness or accident like lost income or extra household help. Supplemental insurance helps fill the Gap.

Medicare Supplemental


Are you looking forward to retirement — but not to the decisions you’ll need to make about Medicare?

You’re not alone.

We know how confusing it can be. Since 1987 King Agency has offered Medicare Supplement insurance options to people just like you — who feel overwhelmed by all their choices for coverage in retirement.

We’ve been here for them. Listening. Answering questions. Empowering them with the guidance they need.



Those without dental benefits account for over two million emergency room visits per year for dental treatment.

Sadly, over half of seniors lack, or have limited, dental insurance.2 And, those without dental benefits are likely to have more illnesses. They are: 

  • 67% more likely to have heart disease 
  • 50% more likely to have osteoporosis 
  • 29% more likely to have diabetes 

 Those without dental benefits account for over two million emergency room visits per year for dental treatment.

That’s why we’ve created plans that help hundreds of thousands of Americans pay dental bills. 

Hospital Indemnity


Medical emergencies are unpredictable and expensive, and your employer health plan, private health insurance or Medicare may only cover a portion of the costs.

Hospital costs are rising—and your current coverage could leave you responsible for copayments, deductibles, transportation expense and more.

Our Hospital Indemnity insurance complements your existing health insurance plan by directly paying you fixed-dollar cash benefits in the event you or a covered family member are hospitalized due to a covered sickness or accident, in addition to any other coverage you have.



According to the American Cancer Society (Cancer Facts and Figures 2022), In the US, an estimated 40 (40%) out of 100 men and 39 (39%) out of 100 women will develop cancer during their lifetime. 80% of the people diagnosed with cancer in the US are 55 years of age or older and 57% are 65 or older.


Do I only need supplemental insurance?

No. Supplemental Insurance plans are not intended to replace the importance of your Health Insurance or Core benefits. They work well with traditional Health Plans or Tri-Care and are designed to help pay for deductible, Co-Payments or Non Medical costs associated with a serious illness or accident. Such as: Lost Income, Travel Cost to treatment facilities and extra household help or more.